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Review of the Billingham Hadly One camera/computer bag.

First of all Billingham quality and support is just great, I have 4 different models and they withstand what ever you throw at them. Rain, dust, sun, dirt, they just get more authentic the more you use them, and you will never wear the out.

What I missed in my previous work bak the Hadly Large was a dedicated computer compartment and a luggage strap that are essential when you travel a lot like I do. And you can take it everywhere, during work or a walk in the city for a coffee.

When I ordered the bag I also ordered the shoulder pad SP50, this is the same shoulder pad I use on my Billingham 550 that are in a different colour, I prefer the SP50 over the SP20 that are more grippy but don’t have the same padding (the SP50 have more padding and less friction).

The insert I use is the full size version, not the half size that comes with the bag. An I really like the Billingham insert, including the super flex that I use in my 550 bag.

I also ordered the AVEA 8 side pockets so I have an option, if I needed more storage space, but to be honest they are connect to the bag all the time and are great because of the easy access.

As I use a 15’ MacBook Pro from 2015 and it fits into the laptop compartment but it's snug. As I am a Fujifilm shooter I normally have my Leica M10-P and X-Pro3 with 4 primes in the bag and still I have lot of space for other stuff and in one of the side pockets AVEA 8 I have the NISI filer system M75. Have a look at the picture and there is space for much more in the bag.

I love this bag and its so convenient to use and to carrie a bag that are handcrafted with passion is just great, its not to large and not to small and it looks just amazing with a quality that are just great. I also get a lot of questions about the bag as its not available in stores in Norway, its pricey but worth the cost and it will keep you happy for many years to come.

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